Save the angry narwhal!

Now it all makes so much sense

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March 23, 2015 · 1:34 am

We have this space under our stairs that from the moment we saw it had only one use – A space to build and house dioramas!
The first is hopefully one of many – i dinativity scene. I’ve seen nativity scenes withBbatman and plush toys and Darth Vader, but not dinosaurs. So why not? and Cut paper ones too! And Cheese!!! Baby Cheezus!


I’ll post some templates for them up in the new year. Until then stay safe!!!!

DINO_0031_IMG_2108 DINO_0030_IMG_2112 DINO_0029_IMG_2133 DINO_0028_IMG_2143 DINO_0027_IMG_2146 DINO_0026_IMG_2150 DINO_0025_IMG_2152  DINO_0023_IMG_2201 DINO_0022_IMG_2203 DINO_0021_IMG_2204 DINO_0020_IMG_2206 DINO_0019_IMG_2207 DINO_0018_IMG_2208 DINO_0017_IMG_2209  DINO_0015_IMG_2211   DINO_0012_IMG_2305 DINO_0011_IMG_2309 DINO_0010_IMG_2310 DINO_0009_IMG_2314 DINO_0008_IMG_2315 DINO_0007_IMG_2323 DINO_0006_IMG_2351 DINO_0005_IMG_2352 DINO_0004_IMG_2353 DINO_0003_IMG_2355 DINO_0002_IMG_2357 DINO_0001_IMG_2358 DINO_0000_IMG_2359

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December 15, 2014 · 12:32 am



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Year of the Shorts 2013!

2013 was completed as of February 2013
Wanting to be more functional, the final piece is a two colour screenprint on cotton teatowels. Now take your tales with you into the domestic warehouse that is the kitchen! Wrap up your loaf of hot bread in this goodness! Line your bowl of nuts or crackers with this colour manifestation of creation.






Big thanks to Too Far Gone Screenprinting for the magic finish on mother flippin’ teatowels!

In no particular order the magicians are:
Frances Hatcher
Jess McGrath
Kalliopi Vakras
Jay Stevens
Brie Tomasetti
Liesbeth de Bliek
Sam Bruinewoud
Melissa Johnson
Jacquelyn Zen
Ben Ashton-Bell
Micah James
Joanna Chambers
Doug Hassack

Thanks again to all the wonderful contributors! All magicians get copies to do so as they wish, and with the limited run of 100 the rest are now hard to find! Email and I’ll see if I can find one.

Done for another year! HECK YES!!!

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Check it out!!!!!!!
Entries close in a couple of weeks!!! An remember you can always submit via Instagram using the hashtag #yots13
Or just email through your magic to

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Someone Else’s Wedding Band – CD Booklet

So I found all this paper that was being shipping in the form of padding for other things. This paper and card would have simply been thrown away, or recycled*. Instead I hoarded it all until I had enough to start printing.
SEWB CDs are all a bit different. The make up of the band is different, and the output should suit this. Deciding not to actually make physical CDs this time around, a download code will be found in the back of the booklets.
Each page is hand printed, hand folded, hand cut and hand stapled. An edition of 100 only (as I want the screens for something else**) these are a treasure to hold and delicate enough to have you not spilling your beer on it.
Check out the sounds that accompany the visuals here

*PLEASE NOTE: In this instance, the term recycled is a little devious, as the recycling and the rubbish go into the same bin and compacted into a solid cube. Go figure.
**keep your eyes peeled for madness!

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!!!!2013 ENTRIES OPEN!!!!!!!

Let’s see if we can push this baby out in less time than before!
(for those of you giving birth as we speak, I mean no disrespect, things should take as long as they take).
Year of the Shorts is a collection of self authored stories, art, opinions, thought processes and more, packaged nicely in calender form. For earlier examples (it’s been around for about six years now, maybe more) check out the 2012 and 2011 editions –>

If you would like to be a part of YEAR OF THE SHORTS TWO THOUSAND & THIRTEEN, send your lovely bits – be them pictures, words or even perhaps something else entirely to or contact us through the le magical spheres of le interwebs

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